Cryoscan | Develops a scientific tool of supervision
CRYOSCAN, designs a supervision tool allowing the management of several UHV chambers interconnected or not complemented by an i-Dati warning device.
Supervision tool, supervision solutions, i dati system, vacuum and ultra-high vacuum measuring systems, cryogenic specialist
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Developed together with the Héré centre of the Jean Lamour institute, this turnkey solution allows you remote surveillance and a complete parameterisation of your experimental devices. Specially studied for complex UHV devices, this supervision allows you a management of several UHV chambers in real time, whether interconnected or not.

  • Monitoring of a number of parameters (pressure, temperatures, state)
  • Remote management and automated management of electromagnetic valves (security)
  •  Management of baking
  • Control of titanium sublimers

This supervision tool can be completed by a warning device to work isolated adapted to the scientific environment, the iDATI (iPod lone worker alarm device) that is also the result of the collaboration with the Héré centre.