Cryoscan | Manipulators, cryostats, Kerr magnetometers , Supervision and Idati
CRYOSCAN develops and manufactures tailor-made devices in the field of cryogenics, vacuum and ultra-high vacuum.
Manipulators, cryostats, Kerr magnetometers, Supervision and Idati, helium cryostats flow, nitrogen circulating cryostats, helium flow cryostats,
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Since 2011, Cryoscan has been putting all its know-how at your service by offering you a range of products that meets your most technical, qualitative and quantitative requirements.


Developed for the vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environment, they allow a range of temperatures from 15 K to 1200 K to be covered. Depending on your needs, versions 4, 5 or 6 axes can be adapted. Our manipulators can be equipped with helium or nitrogen circulation cryostats for the cooling and radiative heating elements or by electron beams. We propose by default a motorisation of all useful degrees of freedom from step-by-step motors and a digital interface. Mechanical micrometers can be assembled instead of step-by-step motors on specific request.

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We are developing a range of helium flow cryostats for specific applications (optics, RF measurements, measurements under magnetic field…).

Our measuring chambers are designed to offer maximum space around the sample for minimum external congestion. We propose various types of chamber.
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We have recently developed different UHV modules for KERR effect magnetometric measurements. These modules work independently but can also be coupled to constitute a complete KERR effect measuring assembly, whether for polar, longitudinal or transverse geometry measurements.
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Developed together with the Héré center of the Jean Lamour institute, this turnkey solution allows you remote surveillance and a complete parameterisation of your experimental devices. Specially studied for complex UHV devices, this supervision allows you a management of several UHV chambers in real time, whether interconnected or not.

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