Cryoscan | The expert in solutions for cryogenics in Lorraine
CRYOSCAN designs and manufactures specific products for the handling of samples in the field of cryogenics, vacuum and ultrahigh vacuum.
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The CRYOSCAN company is a start-up located in the Lorraine region supported by a major research institute, the Jean Lamour Institute that researches in materials, nano-sciences and plasmas. Founded in 2011 by two researchers from this institute, the company benefits from a high level scientific environment, enabling it to develop in collaboration with research players of today and tomorrow. The company is located in the premises of the Science and Technology in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy.

Key dates


Maturation of the projet within the Incubateur Lorrain

January 2010

Support from the University of Lorraine / OSEO / Lorraine region on the project

March 2010

Labeling by the MATERALIA Competitiveness Cluster

July 2011

Creation of the company – SAS

April 2012

Establishment of our design office – hiring of a CAD designer/conceptor

August  2014

CRYOSCAN is growing : hiring of a pilot project engineer and a second conceptor / designer

January  2015

Admission of a new shareholder, who’s holding the function of President

The team

Bertrand KIERREN


55 years old
Teacher at the University of the Lorraine



54 years old
Research engineer in CNRS

Sarah XING


35 years old


The CRYOSCAN Company is specialised in the design, development and manufacturing of experimental custom-made devices, particularly in the field of vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and cryogenics. The company relies on its founders’s know-how of more than 15 years in these fields. Our services cover the development and/or integration of specific instruments as well as the design and realisation of complete “turnkey” devices. CRYOSCAN also offers a range of specific products especially for the handling of samples at cryogenic temperatures and in a vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environment.

Our means

We have our own research department to design your systems. The different manufacturing stages of our components are ensured by specialised companies.
We favor local companies as much as possible to guarantee a better control of the manufacturing monitoring. The specialised components that we integrate are chosen from among the catalogues of recognised suppliers in the field of ultra-high vacuum and cryogenics. We can intervene as an integrator of a large number of instruments or components in these fields. The assembly, the validation tests as well as measurements are carried out in our workshops.



Ecole Polytechnique – Palaiseau

Project :

  • Ultra pure gas distribution line for a thermalisation system of a repetitive pulse laser

IS2M – Mulhouse

Project :

  • Cold trap with nitrogen circulation trap for thermal desorption experiments.


Project :

  • Helium Cryostat for optical measurements

Institut Jean Lamour – Nancy

Projects :

  • Motorized manipulator for plasma diagnosis
  • Kerr effect management under ultra-high vacuum and at very low temperature