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UHV Suitcase

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Ultra High Vacuum
Compatible Voyage Aérien
Différentes configurations possibles
Longue Autonomie

Easily carry in UHV your sensitive samples over the world!

Fully autonomous with or without power supply.
Compact size for transportation. Pressure in the low 10-10 mbar warranty.


The CRYOSCAN UHV Suitcase is the best tool to carry sensitive samples (semi-conductors, metals, oxides, 2D materials, …) between your synthesis and your caracterisation UHV chambers, no matter if they are located in your own laboratory, at the synchrotron facility or at the other end of the world.

Our ultra compact UHV Suitcase is designed to carry up to 5 Omicron-type sample plates under UHV conditions (P~10-10mbar).

Its efficient vacuum solution based on a NEG (Non Evaporable Getter) keeps UHV conditions by continuously pumping the sample chamber with or without power supply.

The original pumping technology based on a Non Evaporable Getter (NEG from SAES GETTER) allows to keep UHV conditions without any power supply. This is the ideal solution to carry sensitive samples over long trips and/or fligth travels.

The mains specifications are listed below. Special custom configurations on demand.

Fitting 40 CF Flange
Sample Holder flag type (Omicron/SPECS like)
Residual pressure < 2. 10-10 mbar
Pressure monitoringfrom ionic pump current reading (UHV gauge on demand)
Weight from 10kg to 30kg
Suitcase dimension L1 = 235 mm H = 405 mm L2 = 116 mm
Baking temperature 150°C
Pumping unit SAES NEG model NEXTOR Z 100-5 (or NEXTORR Z 200-5 on demand) with power supply SIP (or XXXX on demand)
Pumping speed O2 : 75L/s N2 : 40L/s H2 : 150L/s H2O : 100L/s CH4 : 15L/s
Dimensions Longueur : 950mm Largeur : 335mm Hauteur : 500mm
Orientation Horizontal or Vertical


Our UHV suit case is proposed with 3 differents basic configurations (special geometry possible on request).

  • A model with an integrated non removable transfer rod,
  • A model without transfert rod (for end line fitting): this is the most compact and minimum weigth version,
  • A model with a removable transfert rod (with pumping port) for easiest transportation. This is the most versatile version.

Various length of transfer rods can be proposed to fit with different experimental setup and users (senders and receivers).

For the models with long transfer rods (L>500 mm) we recommand the Z-200 Nextorr NEG pumping unit to improve the pumping capability.

For all models, a suitable flycase can be proposed.


“CASSIOPEE Beamline ordered a UHV suitcase three years ago. The suitcase is provided to beamline users as a trasfer tool and has operated successfully several times.

For example, experiments on oxide thin films synthesized at CNRS/Thales laboratory in Palaiseau have shown much better results in Angle-Resolved Photoemission when they are transferred under vacuum using the suitcase.  Furthermore, the suitcase can be easily connected to the growth chambers of three laboratories around Saclay. It is now frequently used between these equipments and the CASSIOPEE beamline.

In addition, the suitcase has been sent abroad twice (Germany and Spain) for external users who managed to bring samples with very lean surfaces to the beamline, thus increasing their chance of successful measurements.

Finaly, CRYOSCAN’s technical supper is excellent since the purchase and allows us to keep the UHV suitcase in excellente conditions.”

J. Rault, CASSIOPEE Beamline Scientist

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